Theatre work

'The Resident' - Dunja Joçic


What does going mad look like? Watching Resident, the new choreography by Dunja Jocic.
A man (Simon Bus) has just moved into a modern apartment complex, where he never has to venture outside.
Nothing ever comes in, nobody ever goes out.
He can just observe the world outside passing him by from the safety of within.
A psychological horror story unfolds, like the ones Roman Polanski used to make in his early days.

Choreography: Dunja Jocic
Performance: Simon Bus, Dunja Jocic
Text: Barbi Marković
Dramaturgy and set design: Marinus Groothof
Music & Sound design: Renger Koning.

'The Resident' soundtrack

'Crash' - NNT Club Guy & Roni


9 sold out performances at Oerol festival.
Crash is a magnificent kitsch-trip.
That's how beautiful an accident can be!
(Dagblad van het Noorden)

Technical detail: 3 separate stereo channels to get a full submersive sound experience.

Directors: Ko van den Bosch and Guy Weizman.
Renger Koning: Original music compositions and sound design.

'Crash' soundtrack

'The Resident' [modern dance]