Spitfire Audio and Westworld producer JJ Abrams organised a competition for composers to score a scene from the last season. First I didn't want to enter but since there was a lockdown and some projects were postponed I thought why not. In the end it turned out that there were over 11.000 entries!!!
I did not win but had a lot of fun working on this scene.
Here is my entry, let me know what you think.

latest soundtrack

'The Resident' - Dunja Joçic

Here is the soundtrack for the dance piece 'Resident' from choreographer and dancer Dunja Joçic for which I scored the music and did the sound design. The track 'Deux Ona' is a perfect piano piece to add to your Sunday morning playlist or add it to your Joep Beving collection ;-)


Short Bio

Renger Koning is an award winning Dutch (film) composer who won the Buma Award for best filmscore in 2017 for ‘Bezness as Usual’ directed by Alex Pitstra. His music is characterised by a combination of live instruments and electronics, always in search of the emotional trigger.

My motto:
Haunting for memorable melodies.
Extended bio


'Composer in quarantine'

My dear friend and photographer Roelof Bos makes a series of pictures these days of people in lock down. This is the picture he made staring me at a friends house in Groningen.


'The Occupant Prologue' reaches 1.2 million views on Omeleto

The Prologue version of The Occupant has been viewed over 1.2 million times now. Wow! The shooting of the feature film version start Q4 2020.
More films here.

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