Renger Koning is a Dutch (film) composer who has won two Buma Awards. One in 2017 for best filmscore for ‘Bezness as Usual’ directed by Alex Pitstra and the other one in 2022 for 'De Panter' a contemporary dance production from choreographer Dunja Joçic.
Latest track: 'De Val' feat. Diamanda La Berge Dramm


'Buma Award'

Renger received his second Buma Award in 5 years, this time for 'best original score in a theatre production'. 'De Panter' by choreographer Dunja Joçic also received a Swan for best contemporary dance production in 2020 - 2021 and some very good reviews.

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'We, us and other games'

A contemporary dance experiment in Rome and Bolzano with Spellbound Dance Company and choreographer Duna Joçic.
Link to the opening track.

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'Hotel Wonderland'

For Hotel Wonderland, an immersive theatre experience in Amsterdam, Renger composed over 4 hours of original material. In over 4000m2 visitors could immers themselves together with 12 actors in a 3 hour show. Unfortunately due to covid restrictions Hotel Wonderland closed its doors.
This is a link to the Ouverture.

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'2 tracks for The Solos - Curio'

Sixteen new novel, unusual, rare and sometimes bizarre trailer music cues. Warm, intimate, nostalgic and reflective. For this album Renger wrote 2 tracks that hopefully will appear in trailers somewhere in the world in the near future.
At the moment it is still an 'industry release'.

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recent productions

Achmea Corporate movie: 'Sustainable living, together. The Achmea way'

The five storylines represent the different brands and sectors of insurance cooperative Achmea, but unites them with a single tone of voice that leverages the power of storytelling.
Director: Hugo Keijzer, Production: 1Camera

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'De Val'

De individuele wandelvoorstelling De Val neemt de gelijknamige roman van Albert Camus als uitgangspunt. De rosse buurt van Amsterdam en de bruggen in Parijs zijn verruild voor die van Groningen, maar de desillusie van de hoofdpersoon Clamence is even groot. De voorstelling zet een duister verhaal af tegen een opgepoetst decor. Dat levert spanning op.

"De compositie van Koning, een mooie mengeling van elektronische klanken, viool en straatgeluiden, maakt van de oude binnenplaatsen naast de kerken en de klinkerstraatjes haast een filmdecor. De soundscape intensiveert het beeld, waardoor mijn aandacht opnieuw vooral daar naar uit gaat."
Wendy Lubberding, Theaterkrant

Tekst & voiceover: Ko van den Bosch.
Componist: Renger Koning.
Viool: Diamanda La Berge Dramm Zakelijke leiding: Frits Selie
Soundtrack music
Dutch Review

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Spitfire Audio and Westworld producer JJ Abrams organised a competition for composers to score a scene from the last season. First I didn't want to enter but since there was a lockdown and some projects were postponed I thought why not. In the end it turned out that there were over 11.000 entries!!!
I did not win but had a lot of fun working on this scene.
Video link

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'Arabian Travels'

For the BMG Production Music sublabel Audio Atlas Renger wrote 10 tracks. Mysterious and suspenseful Arabian flavoured documentary scores with instruments like the oud, saz and the nye.
Label: Audio Atlas
Genres: World, Ethnic & Travel, Suspense & Tension, Mystery & Investigation

'Friday Studio Fun'

Apart from composing for clients Renger really likes nerding with modular synths and other stuff like old tape recorders. 'Friday Studio Fun' is a Youtube channel where he publishes some of his experiments.

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'The Occupant Prologue'

The Prologue version of The Occupant has reached close to 2 million views.

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