Here you can see some of the work I have done on films over the last few years. Enjoy and if you have any questions, drop me a line.

The Occupant [short]

Director: Hugo Keijzer
Renger Koning: Music composition.

Galkina is a drone operator sergeant on duty when she gets an alarm. As part of a secret military program hidden from the public, her work uses nuclear-powered drones to lure alien objects into orbit, and then immobilizes and captures them.
But when one such object is lured to earth and takes the bait -- and Galkina loses her connection to her commanding officer -- she is forced to make decisions quickly, and questions just what is real and what is not.

- Producer: Maurice Schutte
- Sounddesign: Warnier Posta

Safe Trailer

Director: Paul Ruven
Renger Koning: Music composition.

A thriller with a surprise twist about the NSA Deputy Director, who needs a genius plan to save his child from a kidnapper, who wants him to betray the privacy of all US citizens and make him the next Snowden with a devious marketing plan.

Die Welt Trailer

Director: Alex Pitstra
Renger Koning: Music composition and sound design.

Die Welt is an audacious hybrid between fiction and documentary, showing contemporary Tunisia shortly after the Jasmine revolution in 2011.