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A documentary about the search for fame: How important is fame for us? What if your two classmates become famous all over the world, and you don’t?
In a search for a classmate of film director Sergio Leone and film composer Ennio Morricone in Rome, this film explores the magical aura of fame. A film about fame and the glimmer of living in the shadows.

Somewhere in a small restaurant in Rome, a photograph hangs on the wall. It’s an old, yellowed class photo which evokes nostalgia for bygone times. A large group of cute boys in school uniform look straight at the camera lens. Thousands of these photographs have been taken, but this one is special.

Two of these boys would become very famous later: Sergio Leone and Ennio Morricone. They were classmates. The photograph has become famous because of this, as well. In every film about Sergio Leone, in every interview with Ennio Morricone, this photograph is shown. And the two little faces are highlighted. Look: there is little Sergio, and there, look: little Ennio.
But they don’t stand exactly next to each other; there is someone in between them. If you ask “and who is that?”, people are surprised: “That boy? No, we don’t know, that boy isn’t famous, he’s nobody.”
This film is about with this boy, who has spent his whole life standing between two celebrities on the photograph.
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Renger Koning won the Buma Award for best film music 2016! Quote: ‘So honoured to be chosen by my colleagues!’
Click on the soundtrack artwork and listen to ‘Bezness as usual’ [director Alex Pitstra] on Spotify.
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With Hans Zimmer in Amsterdam

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With Cliff Martinez in Amsterdam

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With Dave Porter in Cologne

Honors and Awards
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• Winner of the Buma Music Award best Film music for ‘Bezness as Usual’ directed by Alex Pitstra

• Winner of the Stemra Music Award best Dutch Multi Media composer. 'A Royal Tradition' for Kool & de Anderen.

• Silver Medal 'best soundtrack & mix' at New York Festivals for 'Sirense' Philips Aurea launch clip for Weber MC.

• Silver Medal Award at The New York Festivals 'Interpack Video clip' Category 'Best Soundtrack and Mix'.

• Silver Award at the World Media Festival Berlin. 'Rijksmuseum, The Masterpieces' for MoodFactory.

• Finalist Award New York Festivals for 'original music composition' Tango Demasqué by Weber MC for Philips Consumer Electronics.

• Finalist Award for 'most original music composition' at New York Festivals 'Sirense' the Philips Aurea launch clip for Weber MC.

• Nomination for best Dutch Multi Media composer. Stemra Music Award 'Interpack videoclip' for Trimage Producties.

• Bronze Effie 'Er gaat niets boven Groningen'.

• Nomination for best Dutch Multi Media composer. Stemra Music Award 'Aardgas' for Kool & de Anderen.